Research and Analysis

As an entrepreneur, we are sure you realize the importance of keeping yourself informed about the trades of your industry, as well as using this information to your best interest. This is what Celtis does when it comes to your website. It is often tempting to focus solely on what you like and envision and forget about the importance of user friendly design and essential functionalities that convert visitors to customers. Learn more


Web or software development may be used to refer to the process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense it defines all the work involved from the idea to the final manifestation of a website, system or application. Learn more

Launch and Support (SEO Monitoring)

If you have launched your website, you now need to look into driving traffic and keeping track of it, as well as developing channels like Social Media Marketing and E-mail Marketing. Such actions are essential to turning a great idea in a profitable business. Learn more