Launch and Support

Launch and Support (SEO Monitoring)

Launching your project gives you a great feeling of completion of this task. This feeling is deceiving. You should be proud of yourself, yet this is just the beginning. Celtis provides support that goes on after the launching date. When it comes to systems, we would recommend ways for implementation, as well as key factors you need to follow to ensure success.

If you have launched your website, you now need to look into driving traffic and keeping track of it, as well as developing channels like Social Media Marketing and E-mail Marketing. Such actions are essential to turning a great idea in a profitable business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool, providing deep digital analysis for your website. Taking advantage of it brings you powerful knowledge about your audience, converting pages and used functionalities. At Celtis, we can assist you in using this data to update your website until it brings you optimum results.

  Social Media Marketing

Celtis offers an option for developing Social Media strategy, including creating and supporting Social Media pages in multiple networks. This type of marketing is great for creating brand awareness, spreading your brand’s voice and ultimately turning followers into clients.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is currently one of the most successful forms of direct marketing, which is why it is used by most companies in the world. Celtis can offer a full E-mail Marketing service, including organizing your data base, segmentation and targeting process and the preparation of the design and copy of the e-mail, featuring news for your company or deals you would like to push forward.