We are Celtis

Problem solvers, ISO 9001 certified technology explorers, coders, innovators and lovers of all things digital.

Technology as a  lifestyle

There are a lot of tech companies out there, but not so many like us. Our culture and attitude is what makes the difference. For us, providing true solutions not only means delivering best in class technology, but doing so with an agile, friendly and human touch. Of course, the proof is in our work, and the fact that we are ISO 9001 certified.

Coders that care

Bugs really bug us. Quality runs through everything we do. We test, test and test again, working closely with our partners to make sure that our solutions are making true, effective impact.

Fast and flexible

We are not a big company, which lets us react quickly to queries and create solutions on the fly, building exactly what you need, taking over existing code, or even rescuing a failed project from other vendors.

We love problems

Technology is about solving complex problems with smart solutions. Our choices are backed by experience, research and extensive knowledge; instead of off-the-shelf solutions. For us, once size does not fit all.

Let's talk

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