Learn how Celtis can help your business achieve digital transformation via world-class, one-of-a-kind software solutions

With businesses around the globe scrambling to go digital, now’s the time to discover how your business can adapt, improve, and grow.

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“I want my business digitalized, but I have no idea where to start.”



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“Part of my business is already online, but I want it to be more productive and efficient.”



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“I need help making business processes more efficient via software solutions!.”



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We’re Celtis, and we’re here to help.

We create custom software systems and solutions that integrate effortlessly into your business, streamlining workflows, digitizing operations, automating processes, and skyrocketing productivity.

We’re here to help you with all aspects of digital transformation, from creating apps and websites for your business, to solving integration challenges, to creating and optimizing your business’s software solutions.

Why should you work with Celtis on your business’s digital transformation?

We’re a straight line to digital transformation.

We create end-to-end software solutions - from the requirements, planning, team assembly and project management to the quality assurance and ongoing support. That’s how we’ve made achieving digital transformation as easy as hopping on a call, sharing some info, and letting us do what we do best – code.

One-of-a-kind software solutions.

We create software that adapts to your business – not the other way around. You can sleep blissfully knowing you’re one step ahead of the competition with your own custom software that’s created to be result-driven, straightforward, and productive.

You get disciplined, perceptive strategists.

We have a massive pool of savvy, proactive developers experienced all throughout the field of IT, and we’re known for always assembling the best possible team for a project. That’s why we’re the one company you can trust will handle all your IT needs.

Your competitors are scrambling to go digital.

And with good reason – seeing how the year has unfolded. But they don’t have what you have – a team of people passionate about coding, ready to use their skills to help their business digitalize, automate, and grow.

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