Software Launch and support

Software development is as much about the support, maintenance and aftercare, as it is about the product itself.
Properly launching new software products or entire systems is a crucial moment for both parties, and needs to be done following significant planning and rollout protocols.

Other steps:

Research and analysis

Your project with us begins long before we write any code. This is how we start.


All of our development cycles are aimed at producing sustainable, scalable, and highly usable software.


Implementation and training

It’s the big moment. Time to go live. We will be on-hand to help bring your product online, ensuring a smooth transition into your current business ecosystem. If necessary, we will also help train staff and stakeholders on how to use it.


Once the system is online and running, we will be keeping an eye on how it’s working, fine-tuning anything that might need tweaking and generally making sure that all features and processes are running as planned.

Marketing support

If you have launched a commercial product or website, we can help with all aspects of marketing and engagement. From SEO recommendations, AdWords, E-newsletters and social media marketing, we’re on-hand to help get you out there.

General support

We’re always here to help. If you are looking to add new features, need updates or help with using the software, we will be here to help you at any time.