Data exporting, evolved

Why do it manually when AI can do it for you?

Data is only as good as the understanding behind it. We were contacted by a private enforcement agent office, who were using a specialised system to manage their business – but were struggling with efficient exporting of documents to their accountants.

As their business grew, the accountant was not able to process all documents by hand, to the point where they wanted to stop working with them. The budget and existing solution were simply not good enough, and the legacy system was not able to automate the exporting of data.

So, we had a think, and this is what we did for them.

Our goal was to drastically minimise the time for processing these documents – which at the time was taking between 14 to 16 days, with questionable quality.

The solution was designed to avoid human error completely, where the first priority was to find an elegant way to extract the data from the legacy system. To achieve this, we developed a procedure that involved generating reports on-screen and extracting the data via the clipboard into text files. – including totals and periods, so the data could be cross-checked for errors later.

Although this procedure takes less than a minute for a human to process, the software ensures that all details are correct, even if the formatting is hard to understand.

We then developed an AI that reads the data uploaded by the human operator, before generating an output based on the accounting software protocols, before finally sending the completed data the accountant’s office.

The project took us around 2 months to go to production and is now being used on a monthly basis, with complete satisfaction from all parties involved.

All project goals were met, and there are now 0% errors in the process, thanks to the cross-checks and minimal human input. The work also takes less time, and the long-suffering accountants can now do their job with less stress.

The solution is also scalable, and there are plans for extending the software to work with other “exports” from the system to feed other external partners with secure data.

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