Handling holiday data

Next-generation reporting and calendar for better HR management.

As a company grows, the need for automation and internal resource visibility grows as well.

One of our clients was having a problem with the organization of their employees. From days off for holidays through to illnesses and other time away from work, it was becoming increasingly complicated to keep track of it all.

They needed an application that not only kept track of all this but needed to:

  1. Comply with the local labour code,
  2. Minimize the time needed to apply a form,
  3. Generate useful reports and,
  4. Give the best possible visibility from any viewpoint within the company.

We developed a SaaS, multi-company platform to help bring all relevant information together.

Written in PHP with Yii2 framework, AWS was used as a host platform to ensure better scaling and performance for the long term. The new system was then integrated with Google for a simple one-click login, together with a mass-user import from a specific G- Suite domain.

The new and advanced calendar solution was then pre-populated with all bank holidays within the coming months, with each year in the future being handled in the same way.

Next, a custom resources structure was designed with roles and teams, with automated smart notifications for each. And finally, a reporting module was planned to create custom reports capable of giving a specific overview and useful information for a given period.

The overall result transformed the way our client handled their employee data and holiday calendar.

Better internal processes: The overall result transformed the way our client handled their employee data and holiday calendar. By digitizing their HR information, internal processes were made a lot smoother and more efficient.

Insight from data: Additionally, the reporting functionality provided useful data in its own right, helping leadership understand more about the company processes and how to make informed decisions following new information.

Less waste: There was also a positive impact on company resources. The new system negated the need to use so much paper, resulting in cost savings and more environmental operations.

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