Salesforce integration and optimization

Integrating Salesforce into an existing platform

A product company with rapid growth, faced a challenge with its own sales module of the ERP system.

Some business processes were taking more time than necessary, and while there was a strong and well-known solution in the sales area that would help business growth rate (such as Salesforce), a few challenges remained.

The challenges integrating Salesforce into an existing custom platform, replacing the current sales module were:

  • Refactoring and integrating into the current workflows, while at the same time the current ERP system was also changing with new development
  • Data integrity – two-way data synchronization
  • Setup Salesforce and CPQ module for the customer needs
  • Achieving zero downtime

Refactoring an already active system with millions of records and switching to the new flow smoothly, required special attention from every aspect.

We created a sandbox environment with all systems and full data to enable us to replicate and test the release and post-release processes, including sales rep training. In addition, we used a middle layer ( for the integration between the systems itself. It gave us the flexibility needed for two-way synchronization and was useful from a data integrity/monitoring point of view.

The initial data sync was done via the DataLoader tool, later, the two-way synchronzation was done via Workato. Depending on the object and specific needs, it was set via batch updates or a live/single action updates.

On the ERP side, we created a Queue services for handling all sync requests in both ways, ensuring data integrity and monitoring. The server side was done on Yii2 PHP framework and MySQL 8.

During the refactor of the current flows, many things were changed in order to match Salesforce business logic and new requirements

However it was a good opportunity to optimize the system and database structure for future growth.

This was a challenging project, but the end result was a clear success. Also the direct users of the systems adapted smoothly to the change due to training process during the development and the fact that Salesforce is well-known software.

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