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Improving experiences for customers and staff.

The current management system of a wide area ISP was becoming obsolete and unable to keep up with the challenges of the telecommunication market and the growth of their customer-base.

These challenges included the ongoing struggle with slow system responses and lack of functionality for cashiers and other support staff. Even more critical was the unsatisfactory functionality of the client portal, which was frustrating end-users at every interaction. And finally, integration with external systems was only possible with direct database access.

With all these issues, it was time for a change

The best way to handle all of the challenges was to create a brand-new application, developed according to the current customer and business needs.

Made of three parts, it consisted of a Core API, a front-end Management Portal, and a front-end Client Portal – all of which were designed to scale with multi-server and data replication solutions.

The core API works simultaneously with 3 separate database engines:

  1. MySQL for relational and transaction data, such as payments,
  2. MongoDB for document-based data, such as contracts, invoices, user profiles and more,
  3. Redis for caching and other real-time data.

In addition, Management and Client portals were both implemented with React to better integrate with data from the Core API, with a modern and responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.

The current external integrations are migrated from direct DB access to consuming the API with specially developed SDK, together with many new integrations wherever needed.

Because of the architecture, the solution scales up or down very easily, minimizing costs and boosting performance when needed.

As part of the new efficiency-led solution, many detailed reports can now be generated in the background without affecting main system performance.

The result? 60% better performance with much better UX and UI on multiple devices, as well as a much easier way to add new integrations without deep technical knowledge, thanks to the newly developed SDK. There was also a 35% increase in online payments and general customer satisfaction also significantly increased.

Project Stats


More online payments.


Better performance

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