The logic of logistics

Improved delivery and planning through custom firmware

We were approached by a natural gas trading company that delivers large-volume natural gas containers to factories outside of the national distribution system.

The cost of delivery is high, and despite attempting to optimise loads, the company would often return with half-empty containers, due to poor timing and unpredictability. Even worse, some deliveries were a day late or early, causing significant supply chain issues. Here’s how we helped:

Our primary objective was to develop a monitoring system for the supplier to plan deliveries in the most optimal way.

The first step was to create a special certified hardware device that measures the temperature and the pressure in the bottles, and sends reports via the GSM network to a central server. The device also uses a GPS receiver to track platform locations and is solar-powered to ensure low maintenance.

The firmware we developed also monitors the battery and optimises the energy usage based on the battery status, which is then reported to a central system. This means we could see every device’s location, the temperature pressure and the battery level.

The system generates smart notifications to the responsible people when the natural gas volume drops below certain level, depending on the installation and the customer, so delivery can be planned from the previous day.

To complete the solution, we built a mobile app so the data from the system can be accessed from anywhere, any time.

The solution is used every day for planning the next day deliveries.

The management know all the needed information in order to fully optimise the deliveries, without interrupting the factories supply with natural gas.
Customer satisfaction is much higher, also they managed to reduce between 7-10% of the delivery costs.

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