Our services

Celtis offers full pack of services for your online introduction or software ventures. To learn more, go to Process.
Our company can accommodate any of those services in a package deal or separately, according to your needs. For more information on our fields of expertise, or if you are interested in anything you cannot find bellow, feel free to contact us..

Web Development

Your website is a detailed online business card and it needs to represent the value your business brings perfectly.
At Celtis, we focus on excellent user experience as well as responsive design, cross browser compatibility and back end SEO, ensuring you are easily found and understood by your clients.

System Development (CRM, CMS, ERP, LMS)

Working with online based systems allows your business to grow.
Celtis develops platforms that optimize your profit potential and increase visibility of results through better reporting, while integrating your favorite tools in bespoke software. This is the first step to improving customer interaction and reaching your sales targets.

   Mobile Apps Development

Whether creating a mobile app is the foundation of your business, or a tool to increase opportunities and brand recognition, Celtis has the know-how and experience to give you what you need. Building an app improves your accessibility and marketing efficiency. In doing this, we put stress on accuracy and quality and strive to provide real benefits through technical excellence.

Web design and brand identity

The brand identity is a complex of the visible parts of the brand (colors, logos, designs, images etc.) that distinguish a certain brand in the consumer’s mind and get the brand’s message through. Following your brand identity while creating a website or software is vital for the recognition of your business. If you are taking your first steps in the business world, Celtis’ experts can help you build and develop brand identity as an addition to incorporating it in the project’s overall appearance.

  Conversion Rate Optimization

Using the information from your integrated analytics tools the professionals at Celtis can assist in increasing both traffic to your website and conversion of visitors to clients. We apply continuous A/B tests to perfect usability, which often translates to happy users and improved income.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, more known as SEO, is a relatively new form of online marketing. It’s power is based on the mass usage of Search Engines, and especially on the success of Google. Celtis’ specialists have years of experience in applying SEO and can offer improved visibility and increased traffic and sales to all websites, using this service.

Email Marketing

Often underestimated in the past, currently e-mail marketing is a million-dollar industry. Its tools, used right, enhance greatly both acquisition and retention of customers. The technical advantages of e-mail marketing make it more than an addition in your sales tool box – it often offers the power to control your income in slow periods and is one of the cheapest way to reach out to your clients. Celtis employs e-mail marketing specialists with experience in operating with latest technologies, segmenting large data bases, preparation of e-mails etc, who can build your strategy and execute it for you.

  Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, everyone who’s anyone use Social Media. Whether you want to present your company to potential clients, employees or partners, your social media pages can make your or brake you. Celtis offers a full development of Social Media channels including: SM Strategy, Implementing and Maintaining your presence online, using various networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.